Mission Statement

The mission of Voice of Mauritius Europe is:

  • To promote the culture and history of Mauritius, helping and developing the Island’s rich heritage, as well as contributing to London’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Provision of advice and guidance to members of the Mauritian community.
  • Help improve community and race relations and empower the disadvantaged in the community, thereby reducing poverty.
  • Ensure social,cultural,recreational and educational activities are accessible to all the section of the community particularly those who are socially,economically and culturally excluded.

As a charity the Voice of Mauritius Europe (V.O.M.) is a voluntary organisation and is entirely dependent upon grants and fund raising activities.

The Voice of Mauritius Europe was set up in 1992 and gained charity status in 1994.

The V.O.M has a bank account in the name of Voice of Mauritius Europe at the Unity Trust Bank in Birmingham.

The V.O.M has no paid staff and run by an executive committee of  9 and 20 volunteers.

The management committee consists of:

  • Curty Lauricourt                         Chair
  • Rudy Lauricourt                         Vice Chair
  • Meryl Lauricourt                        Secretary
  • Ray Hernaman                         Vice Secretary
  • Sheilla Brown                            Treasurer

UK Charity Registration: 1042474

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